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Support and Membership

Volunteer and Sponsorship Opportunities

The Charlton Historical Society welcomes new volunteers and new members! We are also seeking business sponsors to help defray the cost for our twice-yearly newsletter, annual fees for the website, start-up costs for the opening of the tavern during the summer, and future bus tours. Sponsors will be thanked in the advertising for the events and/or in the printed materials. If you would like to volunteer to help with any of these projects or future events, please call 508-248-7840 and ask for Cindy.

Charlton Historical Society collaboration with Town on #2 Schoolhouse and Militia Lot

Charlton Historical Society is collaborating with the Town of Charlton to oversee the historic #2 Schoolhouse and the Militia Lot. The Society will “manage the day-to-day operations of the Premises and shall provide an annual report to the Town, which will include an activity review and a report on the current condition of the Premises.” Classes at the school ceased in December 1949. To help continue the preservation of this historical one-room schoolhouse, inventory current displays, volunteer supplies or services, donate district school memorabilia, or relay your memories of the Charlton district schools, contact Cindy Cooper at 508-248-7840.

Membership Appeal

Here in Charlton we have something rare and very special. Not only do we have beautiful countryside, wonderful schools, and a fine community; we also have a very important historical landmark, the Rider Tavern. Built in 1799, the Tavern is an outstanding example of a federal period inn. The Massachusetts Historical Commission has noted the Rider Tavern to be one of the most important historic buildings in Massachusetts. The Tavern is located at 255 Stafford Street, in the North Side Village of Charlton.

Why not consider becoming a member and help us preserve the history of our town. As a member you will receive our semi-annual newsletter, an open invitation to all of our events, and your dues will be used to continue the preservation of Charlton's history. At $10 for an individual membership and $20 for a family it is one of the best deals in town! The annual membership runs from June to June. Please see the coupon below for details on joining or renewing. Memberships make wonderful gifts.

The society is solely funded through private and corporate contributions as well as local grants. We do not receive any funding through local taxes. All contributions are tax deductible. We keep our membership dues low in order to include all that are interested. We rely on the generosity of those that can afford more to help us by including a tax-deductible contribution with their membership application. We would like to thank all of you who have contributed in the past and those of you who are considering it now!

If you have ever thought about becoming a member of the Charlton Historical Society, this would be a great year to start. We look forward to meeting you at our next event.

Please print the membership form and mail it to us with your membership dues. Thank You!

Other Ways to Help

Catalogue of Early Building Construction in Charlton: This extremely interesting new book contains nearly 300 pages of historical glimpses about 282 early homes and buildings of Charlton. To order, call Frank at 508-248-7113.

Charlton Dairy Farms 1870-2000

Charlton Dairy Farms 1870-2000 is available! Pictures, locations, and owners of over 100 Charlton farms! Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Book with CD $50
Book only $40
CD only $15

To order, call Frank at 508-248-7113.

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