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About CHS

The mission of the Charlton Historical Society is to further the interest and appreciation of the history of the Town of Charlton, including but not limited to preserving, restoring, and maintaining the Rider Tavern as the home of the Charlton Historical Society, and the grounds thereto and its environs. And to acquire appropriate furnishings of the period of the Tavern and to provide public access to the building on a regular basis, and to encourage the preservation of other historic structures and sites.

The Charlton Historical Society strives to:

1. collect, preserve and own such records, books, manuscripts written or printed, maps and other materials as may be deemed worthy of a place in its archives.

2. perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who have made such contributions to the history and development of Charlton as to render them worthy of recognition, and to encourage the preparation of publications on historical subjects.

3. cooperate with and support the annual observance of Old Home Day, and the observance of other historic occasions.

4. secure and support historic locations and structures within the Town.

5. acquire by grant, gift, purchase, devise or bequest, and to hold and dispose of such property, real and personal, as the purpose of the Society shall require for the benefit of the members.

6. do any and all thing in addition to the purposes stated above, but not in derogation thereof, as allowed under the provisions of Chapter 180 of the General Laws of Massachusetts.

Board of Directors

President Frank Morrill
Vice President William Hultgren
Clerk Diane Gauthier
Treasurer Cindy Cooper
Corresponding Secretary Donna Neylon
Archivist Donald Weinhardt
At Large Cathy Bellerive
Skip Bellerive
Sandra Dam
Lenore Morrill
Katie Richards
Carol Weinhardt
Marilyn Cross
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